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Culinary Creativity.

Get your tummies ready for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner!   Your kids in the kitchen will be hands-on cooking yummy healthy dishes.  Our age-appropriate cooking course will tickle your little one’s culinary imagination and plant the seeds of an essential life skill.

Child-tested recipes

Made-for-kids cooking tools

Warm and nurturing atmosphere

Chef Body 1.gif

An apron is
just a cape
on backwards.

In the course of creating each dish, our little chefs will learn about food preparation, cooking techniques, nutrition, and even food critique when they taste test their creations. 

Cooking is fun and a fantastic learning tool for life.  As they execute recipes, they learn to follow instructions.  As they taste test, they learn to discern, revise, and improvise.  And with each unique flavor and cuisine, they experience the world.



Cook. Eat. Grow.

Cook. Eat. Grow.

While we have fun making our way around the kitchen and preparing delicious food, your little chefs grow in many other ways.

Boiling Pot.gif

Discover new flavors and cultures.

Your little one will get exposed to fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.  They'll experience other cultures on a plate as we expand our recipes.

Stove .gif

Grow their cognitive skills.

As we cook, we'll listen, measure, count, follow instructions, and understand processes. 

And of course, learn the skills to feed ourselves for life.

Three Spoons.gif

Develop fine motor skills.

Our cooking classes are hands-on - mixing and cutting with tools made especially for little fingers - and growing the same dexterity needed for holding a pencil and tying our shoelaces.

Apron yellow.gif

Mature in their social skills and grow in confidence.

Our nurturing atmosphere lets us make friends, practice waiting, and sharing.  And with each successful dish, get a sense of accomplishment and grow in our confidence.


Our Classes

It's never too early to get kids in the kitchen.  Our age-appropriate recipes and made-for-kids cooking tools give your budding cooks a sense of accomplishment as  they create with their own hands.

Chef Brunette Spoon.gif

3-5 years old

Our Spoons class lets your little one discover new foods with fun and simple recipes and basic steps that are right in their wheelhouse.  They'll get comfortable in the kitchen as they make food for every meal of the day.

Chef Ginger Apron.gif

6-8 years old

Our Aprons class empower older kids to explore their creativity in the kitchen as they take on more exciting recipes.  We'll make kid-tested dishes that encourage more independence, from after-school snacks, to family meals, and even special occassion goodies.

The Kitchen Schedule

Macdonnell Road, Mid-Levels

Spoons (3-5 Years old)



Aprons (6-8 years old)


4:30-5:45 pm

Bamboo Grove
74 Kennedy Road, Wanchai

Spoons (3-5 Years old)



Aprons (6-8 years old)


4:30-5:45 pm

Utensil Triangle Yellow.gif

Made with creativity and collaboration.

Kids in the Kitchen is Pitter Painter’s foray into the culinary arts.  We’re taking our inspiring and nurturing atmosphere from the art studio to the kitchen. 


To make sure your little chefs have fun creating delicious dishes, we developed a cooking program in consultation with Montessori-trained educators and chefs from the Culinary Institute of America.




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